With Dynamic you will get peace of mind from our strong relationship with Monarch who we are proud to be associated with.

Softer feeling water benefits include: Improving quality of Life, soft and gentle, kinder to skin & affordable luxury.

A fully automatic water softener in your home provides ‘five star’ water softness at an affordable cost for you and your family.

From improving the softness and lifespan of your family’s clothes and laundry, to silky smooth lather, it’s a simple but affordable luxury that will leave the whole family relaxed and refreshed.

If your water is hard, with a Monarch water softener you’ll use less soap, shampoo and conditioner which will help to reduce your shopping bill, now and in the years to come.

Soft water is excellent for your complexion, skin and hair as with up to 70% less soap required, it also helps reduce the occurrences of skin conditions and allergies.



In 1964 the first Monarch water softener was sold after the founder Mr Johnson decided to install a softener to protect a steam boiler. At that time it is said that water softener sales were few and far between, but it is estimated now to be more than 750,000 homes in the UK that enjoy the many benefits a water softener brings.

Monarch is now one of the largest water softener companies in the UK, built up over a 55+ year history.

Reliability is not a concern, as they stand the test of time, how does 44 years for a softener sound? A 7 year warranty is included on all Monarch domestic softeners.

Can I use artificially softened water in the heating circuit with my boiler?

You can have a water softener in combination with our boiler as it will prevent the hot water circuit from scaling up and losing efficiency.  However, the central heating circuit should be filled with hard water and a chemical inhibitor.  This can be done by using the water softener bypass when filling or topping up.  Alternatively, the filling loop feed can be connected upstream of the water softener.

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