With Dynamic you will get peace of mind from our strong relationship with Google Nest, as we are accredited installers and listed on their website.

A learning thermostat optimises heating of homes and hot water using machine learning algorithms which you help initialise through a series of regulated commands. The thermostat will then learn people’s schedule, the temperature they are used to and when.



Nest is a product which is now part of the Google Home family of home devices enabling you to easily and conveniently control various technologies in your home by voice and mobile phone app. As it is a ‘learning thermostat’ it is programing itself to ultimately save you energy. It is using machine learning to monitor your daily habits, the temperatures in the home, how quickly the temperature matches the set point and much more.

Your thermostat controls 60% of your energy bill. So shouldn’t it help you save energy? The Nest Thermostat does. Since 2011, it’s saved over 39 billion kWh of energy in millions of homes worldwide.² Because it learns from you. It gets to know the temperature you like when you’re at home. And turns itself down when you’re away. It even learns how your home warms up or how draughty it is, so it only uses the energy it needs. That’s how the Nest Thermostat saves energy.

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